About Us

Reviresco Fitness provides beneficial health and fitness training and nutrition options Online at its location in Feversham On and Collingwood ON.. and off location in the surrounding communities.  

Providing a variety of options that fit your needs.


  • Online Interactive Programs and Training

  • Private Personal & Small Group Training                                

  • Indoor Water Rowing Classes         

  • Indoor Water Rowing Rentals & Programs

  • Kangoo Classes              

  • Boot Camps                  

  • Equipment Purchases & Rentals

  • Nutrition 

  • and more....

Reviresco Fitness provides result proven training options for you to meet your goals whether you are in the gym or at home.

Meet the Creator & Trainer

My name is Candie McCowan, I am the creator and training specialist behind Reviresco Fitness. I built this company to provide total body fitness and health programs that are effective give results, and are time efficient

More can be gained and achieved by pulling only the best qualities of different practices and putting them together to create the most beneficial programs and training. Programs I personally create and execute. Putting together only the best exercises and information to formulate incredible effective training. 

Which I then provide to you, through rewarding programs. 


It is important to keep healthy activity in our lives, while also maintaining and balancing the things we enjoy most. Nobody wants to obsess daily over their health and weight loss goals, it's a balance and we provide the programs and training for our members to feel mentally and physically strong.

Whether you are looking to join an in person or online  fitness class or program, private or small group training, or join our rental and row programs. Reviresco provides the effective training you need to hit, surpass and maintain your goals where ever you may be.

Reviresco's  programs and training are solely based on "growing strong". This is what "Reviresco" means. 

Progression and consistency together are the keys to success and results. 



Candie McCowan

Founder, Personal Training Specialist & Indoor Water Rowing Crew Coah

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