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Benefit from this amazing whole body burn on the latest indoor water rowers.
Dubbed the perfect caloric burn.
Reviresco Fitness is the only company offering indoor water rowing workouts in the area, online and in studio! 
Indoor Water Rowing can help improve your cardiovascular system, build endurance, tone and build muscle and  can help maintain and promote weight loss.

With every stroke you will be working 86% of your muscle mass, all while safely protecting your joints 
From beginner to advance water rowing is  suitable for all fitness levels and is easy on the joints!

We offer a large variety of in studio and online sessions
(app) of rowing and rowing and strength training sessions.

You will 
SWEAT, you will ROW and you will CRAVE for more!

Pre - Training

In this class you will learn proper rowing form, technique, pace, breathing and how your water rower works, including monitor functions and proper foot placement, You can complete an online pre training  (video) if you are renting or book and in person private or group session. This will give you a clear understanding of rowing, reduce the risk of injury, and make your selected program more enjoyable. If you are new to rowing  our pre training program is the best place to start and is mandatory before joining any session or program.


Online (pre recorded)

Included free with rower rental

In - person


Scheduled before session start dates or can be scheduled by appointment.

Rowing Rush

Done 100% on the rowers.


You will be taken through a new format of rowing each class, from steady state rowing, interval rowing, team relays, castles, pyramids and many more.


Keeping each class fresh, while making sure you get in an amazing  workout.

Each class begins with a warm-up and finishes with a cool down.

40 minutes

Row & GO

Are you ready to get that heart pumping and muscles working!


Row & GO will  first take you through a complete

15 minute row, followed by 3 back to back rounds of compound movements, using bodyweight and/or minimal equipment. 

Specifically focusing on building, toning and cutting the fat to give you  that complete total body workout!!  

Begins with a warm up and ends with a cool down.

40 minutes

Row & Resistance

3 shorter but intense bursts of rowing followed by 3 strength training rounds.

Focusing on upper body, lower body and core rounds.

This session is no joke,  don't be fooled by "shorter rowing"  you will surely be feeling worked once completed


Rower small equipment and/or  body weight used.

50 - 60 minutes

SCR- Strength & Conditioning Row

Premium program

Are ready to commit!


The SCR program is completed 3-4x a week  and  can get you to your goals, give you more energy, help you lose weight and tone up!


Class is done half on Reviresco’s Fitness’s Indoor Water Rowers and half off the rowers.

Incorporating bodyweight and equipment based moves into a INCREDIBLE progressing program. 

2-6 months

Offered Online throughout the year and on location.

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