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I am not sure what and how many sessions or what programs I should be taking?

We are here to help! When you register and download the app you are not left to go it alone... unless of course you want to. This is something that greatly sets us apart from others. You have direct contact with your trainer. And with your crew membership we would be happy to guide you in the right direction of which program and or classes would be suited to your likes, needs, and goals to give you a complete weekly workout routine that works for you at no extra charge. Email us at

I prefer to complete the sessions on a larger screen like my t.v or laptop, can I still do that?

Absolutely! While you should still download the app on your phone for easy access to the community, tracking and updates. You can absolutely view our sessions on ANY DEVICE  (even your t.v)  you can download our app to most devices. Or use our WEB APP access anywhere. Or mirror your phone to larger screens * We can show you how.

How many sessions do I have access to?

Tons... seriously! And they are set up to be done as either a single one day session, where you can plug and place different sessions to build your own personal weekly routine or follow one of our laid out program or Premium programs (details on those below).  Plus we continually add sessions on a regular basis to keep things fresh and your progression going. And if you have a favourite session or program you can revisit those as much as you like with your membership!

Is their equipment used in all sessions and programs?

No. Some sessions use bodyweight only or can be modified to use bodyweight only. Obviously sessions that incorporate the rowing there will be no exception for this. All sessions will list if there is any equipment needed in the description before you begin. When we do incorporate smaller equipment into sessions we use Dumbbells, Resistance bands and sometimes a BOSU ball. 

Can I rent or purchase equipment?

YES! You can rent or purchase our incredible water rowers, kangoo boots, and BOSU Balls. We also have a range of dumbbells that can be rented if you are local to our area. 

What are the premium programs and challenges?

We launch a small amount of premium programs throughout the year.  These sessions are only available in your app after you purchase the select program.

With your current membership you will be the first to know, and will receive discounts towards the program (25% off annual for members). Premium programs and challenges will be regimented, done within a specific time, with specific goals and outcomes. They also normally require check ins, and follow ups by your trainer .. i.e Core Challenge, 30 days strong, or SCR programs 1, 2 & 3,  CTB program 1, 2 & 3 weight loss/maintenance, muscle build etc..

What is the SCR (Strength, Conditioning and Row) program?

The SCR (Strength Condition and Row)  program is one of our premium programs. The SCR program can and has provided mega results and is a favourite amongst the rower community of Reviresco Fitness. Full details on the SCR program click here.

What is the CTB (Cut(the fat) Tone and Build (the muscle) program?

The CTB program is a 6 days a week program that is suitable for the beginner to the more advanced. It is done using bodyweight and minimal equipment (dumbbells and resistance bands). It is like personal training without the price tag click here for further details.

What is your cancellation policy?

With your monthly and annual membership you can cancel anytime. Prior to your next scheduled payment. You must email to cancel. You will have access for the remaining period of  your month. Annual memberships can be cancelled for the following year, email prior to the next year. *All payments made prior to any cancellation email received can not be refunded, we thank you for your understanding. 

What does Reviresco Fitness mean? And how do you pronounce it?

(RUH-VI-ER-SCO) all together now

Its all in the name! Reviresco - to grow green, renew and flourish again to "GROWSTRONG" these are words we live by and have built our business and its values on. We continue to update our knowledge in all areas of health and fitness, we never give up, never stop starting and neither should you!

Please contact us for any other questions 

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