SCR - Strength and Conditioning Row
Online Programs 1, 2 & 3

If you are looking to truly make a change in your health and fitness and you are ready to commit to a program that really works, can get you to your goals, give you more energy, help you lose weight and tone up than Reviresco's SCR Online program is FOR YOU!! Get the Personal Training atmosphere without the cost!


Class is done half on your own or  Reviresco’s Fitness’s Indoor Water Rowers and half off the rowers.

Incorporating weighted/equipment based moves. 


Segregated into specific areas of the body each day;

Mondays – Row & Upper (Arms, Back and Chest)

Wednesdays - Row & Core

Fridays - Row & Lower (Glutes and Legs).

Saturday - Rowing only (optional)

Blast through your total body rowing portion and finish with back to back as many reps as possible sets of muscle toning moves to further your progress to help tone and build muscle while cutting the fat.


If you want results and you are ready to commit SCR is for you! Each class begins with a warm-up and finishes with a well deserved cool down. Tracking of each workout and nutrition  is done to further progression and to see your progress over the program. You will follow along with the video through each workout 3-4x a week for 8 weeks. Weights and equipment used. 

This program is no joke and give you the tools and instruction to succeed 

If you do not have a rower - Reviresco can supply one for the duration of program,. 


You will  also need 2-3 sets of dumbbells  lighter, medium,  and heavy or  light/medium to medium/heavier.

(Example: 5, 8,  & 10 lbs ) or 10 & 15+ lbs depending on fitness level) 

& Resistance Bands (a lighter and medium resistance)

For programs #2 and #3 you will  need the above and also need a BOSU BALL.

If your picking up a rower and need the smaller equipment as well can also supply you with it.