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STAGE 1 -  JOIN NOW - 4 Weeks

Jumping right in! Get ready for an incredible program that will have you reaching and maintain your goals! Plus having that body in prime condition as we head into swimsuit and shorts season!

Step by step done for your  DAILY workouts, and active movement sessions that hit specific areas of the body and muscle groups while incorporating steady and interval cardio to give you a well rounded COMPLETE total body weekly workout. PLUS nutrition guidance, meal plans, tracking and check ins. This is an in depth program, with major body and health benefits you are not going to want to miss DAY #1!


How much is the program? Premium program pricing 


Program Only - $250  (no app membership)

Program & currently a monthly Reviresco App Member - $187.50 

*( If you join our MONTHLY app membership this is your program price *minimum 3 month app commitment)

Program & currently an annual Reviresco App Member - $125

*( If you join our ANNUAL app membership this is your program price)

Program with Rower & Small Equipment - $325 (* Rower can be used for cardio portion of this program and is a incredible total body benefitting piece of equipment  BUT you can also use another piece of equipment treadmill,  bike, outside run/jog etc.. We will incorporate this all into the program) 

* If you would like register for an app membership/ find out more information CLICK HERE

Do I need a rower for this program?

Optional. As mentioned we built this program with the goal of everyone being able to complete it with minimal equipment or the use of what you may already have.  I will be incorporating rowing personally for some of our cardio portions. The benefits of rowing are too incredible to pass up!


#1  - you can rent/purchase a rower from us if you do not have one. 


#2 - you can use another piece of equipment you may already have or prefer for any CARDIO PORTIONS of the program

(I.e Treadmill, Bike, Elliptical, Skipping  etc...) We will guide you through this within the program whichever option you choose!

How many days a week do we workout and how long are sessions?

3 sessions weekly will be larger workouts 45 - 60 minutes  

3 sessions weekly will be shorter workouts  15 -20 minutes 

1 Sessions a week will be a REST/ACTIVE RECOVERY DAY


There will be content EVERYDAY,  and we have precisely incorporated the best WORK to REST ratios to give you maximum results and adequate recovery! 

Are classes LIVE?

No classes are pre - recorded so you can complete them anytime. HOWEVER you will be required/ want to complete them on the specific days recommended (DAILY) and check in and track. 

Is it for all fitness levels? If someone is just starting or someone is advanced in their fitness level?

Yes! No matter what fitness level you are at you are going to BENEFIT BIG TIME from this program. We do this by showing you different modifications and intensities. No matter your fitness level you are going to get a great workout and learn so much from this program.

Do I need any equipment for this program?

Yes,  we will be using a combination of bodyweight  and small equipment throughout this program. You can rent equipment from us or you will need to have on hand:  Resistance Bands and a range of Dumbbells lighter to heavier.  Again we recommend a Rower  but it is not required as mentioned above if you prefer a  treadmill/ bike etc..

How does the program/each session work?

We will begin with a warm up and proceed into our session, finishing with a cool down. Each session will focus on a specific area of the body (core, upper, lower) and have and added cardio portion.  Each session is meant to leave you and specifically that area of the body feeling WORKED. On our "shorter" days  we will focus on a whole body routine.

Is there a nutrition aspect to this program?

YES and INCLUDED all within your program. You will receive a meal plan with grocery lists to follow throughout the entire program, to give you even further and better results! Plus the meal plan is myfitnesspal friendly so you can track your meals, macros,  hydration and progress daily while sinking up with other members and myself!  *More details on this with program registration 


This is a 4 week program?

YES. However we will follow up this program with stage 2 and stage 3  which each program will also be 4 weeks. You can complete 1,2 or all 3 programs whatever works best and suits YOU. Each program is meant to build consistency , good habits and progress  your body, fitness and health forward with some HUGE RESULTS!

BONUSES to the programs:

- Daily workouts and guidance 

- Daily tracking and check ins
- Weekly Challenges beyond workout sessions

- Before/After pictures  & measurements: Guidance and How to  (this will be kept personal unless you would like to share your results!! We love hearing and seeing them)

- Group accountability to keep you focused and on task

- Nutrition Recipes, meal prep , tracking & guidance

- Print outs and all material need provided

Get ready to make GREAT CHANGE happen and SEE and FEEL those RESULTS!!

If you have any other questions please email us at

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