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Kangoo Classes

Get ready to bounce and get one hell of a workout while safely protecting your joints! Kangoo is so much fun and will have you sweating and burning up some MEGA calories.


Get a major cardio burn, improve coordination, tone up, lose weight and reduce stress all while strengthening your joints and stability muscles.  Following along with your instructor you will learn easy to follow movements paired to some great beats! And every class is different keeping it fresh, fun and exciting!


All fitness levels welcome, progressive sessions.



Kangoo Power  ( All Kangoo)

Kangoo & Strength Training  - combines a kangoo session plus the incorporation of  resistance based body weight and small equipment moves to further aid in muscle tone and progression.

All our sessions will begin with a warm up and end with a cool down giving you a COMPLETE total body, safe and effective workout.

40 - 45 minute sessions


Beneficial to all fitness levels and ages.

"Most"  In studio sessions are equal to 4-8 Weeks - full sessions registration is highly recommended to secure your spot and boot rental if needed drop ins are welcome but if boot rental is needed it will depend on availability.

Sessions offered in Feversham/Maxwell On & ONLINE in our APP - CLICK HERE!


Boot Rental - $40/Month 

TAKE HOME - Boot Rental - $50/month 


Purchase your own!

Contact us to get a discount off your boots!

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