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Personal Training & Sport Specific
In- person 

Providing personal private training in person and online. 

First you will meet with your trainer for a consultation, going over goals, scheduling etc. Your first session  will consist of a fitness assessment, this gives yourself and trainer a starting point and we can further discuss your goals and types of training needed. 


From there your next sessions will be all program based.

Our personal training gives you that motivation, accountability and pushes you to progress and meet your goals. Proven results that work!

Our Sport Specific Training is similar to our PT but with a heavier focus on not only weight training but improving your speed, power, agility, coordination and explosiveness to match your specific sport. Our Sport Specific Training can be done one on one or in small groups 2-4. 

Progression and consistency is the key to success, and if you commit to the process and showing up we will help you GROW STRONG and continue to progress!

Push Ups

Training open to all ages and fitness levels.

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