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60 - Day Healthy Eating Guide & Tracker (Book)

60 - Day Healthy Eating Guide & Tracker (Book)


An in depth guide and tracker on how to manage your nutrition, portion control and hydration needs. With this guide you will be taught 2 ways to manage your nutrition with ease. Adopt one or use them both!


Are you more of a grab it and go style? We have got you covered with our portion guide. Looking to truly make a change and want to find out what your body needs to fuel your day to day and workouts? We give you the tools to figure out your personal macros. (Fats, Carbohydrates, Proteins). With this guide you will also learn how to calculate your personal hydration needs. You will also be provided within the guide a 60- DAY food tracker monitoring each meal, snacks, hydration, Marcos and how you are feeling. Write directly inside your guide.


Nutrition and exercise go HAND in HAND and we have put together this guide to help further your knowledge of nutrition and keep you ACCOUNTABLE for what we are putting in our bodies.

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