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"Absolutely loved my rowing class!!

Such a great workout! And Candie is an amazing coach! 

So glad I gave it a try! I’m excited to do another session."

- M.S 

"Love my Tuesday night classes!

There is no judgment and Candie brings so much energy to the workouts which makes it so much easier to keep pushing yourself!"

- J.L 

" Great programs with a fun atmosphere. There's programs for everyone. Candie makes sure you are comfortable and always provides you with advice when you need it.

Great for our communities."

 - J.B

"Reviresco's Personal Training was exactly as promised, specific to me and my goals. Great motivation and love my training. Met my goals under time frame!  Plan to keep my training on going with the fitness classes, very impressed! 

- K.B

"Incredible online training options to join in on live sessions, or I could complete a class when it fit my schedule later. I  also rented a rower and completed the SCR program, recommending to all my friends! "

- J.M 

"Candie provides a instant sweat and feelings of power in her HIIT class! A great workout for anyone who is interested in changing up their regular workout schedule. And honestly, who wouldn't want a more toned butt! Well done girl!"


"I have been taking rowing classes for approximately 1.5 yrs with Candie @ Reviresco Fitness. I have lost 27 pounds during this time and have been able to get down to a weight I have not been since having my children....25 yrs!

I have always been active but could never achieve that pre pregnant weight. I love her classes...she motivates gently and the classes are so flexible that there is no excuse to miss any workout!

I feel so strong and healthy both physically and mentally!!

I recommend that everyone try’s a total body workout and I especially love to see my own progression."


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