JULY - AUG 2021

Continue or Start your progress with us over the summer!

Join one of our incredible 8 week programs, that will have you feeling and looking great ALL SUMMER LONG!!

This summer we will be offering a few different programs to help you maintain and progress your health and fitness, plus your will be able to complete your chosen program anytime and on your own schedule with in your own home! 

You will have unlimited access all summer!!


Choose from our:

Butts, Guts, and Hams & Gams program 

(3 Sessions Weekly)


our SCR Program 1, 2 or 3 and Rowing Rush 

(3 - 4 Sessions Weekly)


Have you been training with us for some time now? Want access to BOTH all summer long? Click the BOTH option when you register and we will contact you. 

Details and Information below

Register before
June 23rd
& Receive the below
Early Bird Pricing


Young Woman in the Gym
Young Woman in the Gym

Butts, Guts, Hams & Gams

Problem areas hit to the MAX all summer long.  Three sessions a week, with each session focusing on different areas of the body (Glutes, Core and Compound Lower and Upper Body).

40-45 minute sessions including as always a great warm up and cool down . Perfect for all fitness levels, we modify to hit YOUR HARD.

Bodyweight and small equipment used

(Dumbbells and Resistance Bands needed & came be picked up)

July - Aug - $170 (before June 23rd)

$190 After 


SCR Program 1, 2, or 3
Rowing Rush

One of our MOST FAVOURITED programs! Starting with a warm up, followed by a complete TOTAL BODY row and ending with a segregated muscle group  and cool down

(Upper, Core and Lower Body)

Sessions are 45-50 minutes

New to the SCR program ? Start at #1 and work your way through them ALL to see MEGA results.

Completed an SCR before ? Pick your favourite and feel confident that you will progress and maintain your goals ALL SUMMER LONG!

PLUS - you will have access to a weekly Rowing Rush program!

Rower Required (Rentals Available - For pickup)


Small Equipment is also required


Program # 1 - Bands and Dumbbells

Program # 2 - Bands, Dumbbells and BOSU

Program # 3. - Program # 2 - Bands, Dumbbells and BOSU

Before June 23rd

Without Rower Rental - $200

WITH Rower Rental - $356

All  8 week Workout Trackers, calendar, food tracker and program information also included!