Combo Pack 30-60 Day

SKU: combopac

Get on the road to a healthier you with our 30-60+ day combo pack. 

Includes enough for over 30+ days of shakes, when taken 2 times daily and over 60+ days of shakes when taken once daily!  Indcludes Vegan + Lentil Blend Vanillia or/and chocolate and Subi Super Greens Peach or Natural flavor.

Please note if taken 2 shakes daily Greens only need to be added to 1 shake.

At checkout under "additional information"

Write your desired  flavor options:

 Peach or Natural Subi Greens


2x Vanilia Vegan + Lentil Blend 1 kg or;

2x Choclate Vegan + Lentil Blend 1kg or;

1x Vanilia and 1x Choclate Vegan + Lentil Blend 




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