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Reviresco Fitness is ONLINE.


Now you too can get  the benefits of our complete Indoor Water Rowing and Strength Training Programs  all in the comfort  of your own home or where ever you are! PLUS our HIIT and Whole Body Sessions (no row required)

You will have FULL UNLIMITED access to our weekly fitness classes

 With classes being ONLINE you have access to complete them ANYTIME that fits your schedule. The day we do them or later in the week, or even repeat any depending on your fitness level!


We can suggest a schedule to follow to get you to your goals OR stick to your own and what works for you!

Most classes will have rowing included in them (but not always all, we do offer different classes that include bodyweight or small equipment only), like our. HIIT/Tabata and Whole Body Sessions


If you are local we can supply you with a rower rental. Or  if you have your own rower you can start right away.


HIIT and Whole Body Sessions require no rower and  are bodyweight sessions.


You will complete your class online following along with a certified personal training specialist and indoor water rowing crew coach. Similar to private training without the cost!

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Rower Rental &

Unlimited Weekly Classes

Row & Strength Training 


8 Week  Progressive Sessions

2 month minimum 


Unlimited Weekly Classes

(Have your own rower)

Row & Strength Training


8 Week Progressive Session

2 month minimum


Unlimited Weekly

HIIT/Tababta & Whole Body Sessions


$50/month  - 8 weeks

**$25/month with Row & Strength Training Sessions

2 month min.

Important Information

 - Minimum 2 month  / full  8 week Session registration required. 

- If you are renting a rower we will need to know a minimum of 3 weeks in advance before your current months session is over if you will be continuing into the next session. (This provides us with enough time to secure the  re -rent of  the rower out to someone on our wait list if you are not continuing)

- Once  payment and  registration has been received there are no refunds.

- Once payment and registration has been made, closer to your sessions start date you will receive an email with more information. If you are renting a rower you will be contacted to set up a pick up date and time.

- Payment and registration will need to be paid/renewed on a monthly/8 week basis to continue and have access to  Training by Reviresco Fitness. Failure to do so will result in a halt in your training and removal of access

If you have any questions please contact us below.