Rowing Classes

Rowing Rush

Done 100% on the rowers.


You will be taken through a new format of rowing each class, from steady state rowing, interval rowing, team relays, castles, pyramids and many more.


Keeping each class fresh, while making sure you get in a great workout. Don't let the 40 minutes fool you, this is an amazing workout!

If  completing an 8 week session you have the option to track your progress.


Each class begins with a warm-up and finishes with a cool down.

Following along with instructor

8 week sessions

Rolling Program

40 minutes

Row and BO

Row and BO is a whole body class done on  the rowers and BOSU ball.

Switching from rower to BOSU,

you will complete your aerobic/cardio on the rower and 3 rounds of BOSU Body work.

Incorporating resistance based moves focusing on upper body, core and lower body.

Making this a total body benefiting workout


You will have your own rower and BOSU  for each class to complete the session.


Each class begins with a warm-up and finishes with a cool down.

Following along with instructor

8 week sessions

Rolling Program

45-50 minutes


Are you ready to get that heart pumping and muscles working!


Row & AMRAP will  first take you through a complete

15- 20 minute row, followed by 3 back to back rounds AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)  for each move using bodyweight and minimal equipment. 

Specifically focusing on building, toning and cutting the fat to give you  that complete total body workout total body!!  

Begins with a warm up and endings with a cool down.

All fitness levels welcome modifications provided throughout to decrease or increase for your fitness level.

Following along with instructor

Coaching & Demo provided

8 week sessions

Rolling Program

45 - 50 minutes

A moderate steady state row that is broken into 3 rounds incorporating compound body weight resistance moves.


This 45 minute program focuses on improving your cardiovascular system, promotes weight loss, and improves movement and mobility, while also increasing muscle tone and endurance.


Beginner friendly – all fitness levels and ages welcome. Rower and body weight used.


Following along with instructor

8 week sessions

2-4  Progressive Programs

45 minutes

SCR - Strength & Conditioning


(BOOTCAMP @ Reviresco and Online)

Are ready to commit to a program

3-4x a week  that can get you to your goals, give you more energy, help you lose weight and tone up than



Class is done half on Reviresco’s Fitness’s Indoor Water Rowers and half off the rowers.

Incorporating weighted/equipment based moves into a INCREDIBLE progressing program. 

2-6 months

Offered Online throughout the year and in/on location at different times.


Row & Resistance

Body Weight & Small Equipment Classes


Fun and Fast! High Intense Interval Training, with minimal rest, using body weight and/or minimal equipment.   


3-5 rounds of intense moves that will have you pushing your body to its limits. 


Find out what "YOUR HARD" is!  Tone muscle and improve your cardiovascular system in a short amount of time with 8 anaerobic total body benefiting moves each class!


 20 - 30 minutes.


 A total body workout focusing on our stability sensory muscles, balance, coordination, agility, motor skills and strengthening joints all while getting that all over total body workout. 

Feel your body become strengthened and more balanced with this versatile piece of equipment, together with an impressive program.

Taken through a warm up into 3 rounds of movements focusing on improving balance, cardiovascular support, muscle strength, muscle endurance and body awareness.

With different modifications Reviresco's BOSU Body program is suitable for the beginner to advance.

Benefits for all ages.   

50 minutes


Have you experienced our  KANGOO classes yet?!

They are extremely fun, easy on the joints and give you a HIGH calorie burn while continuing to tone muscle. We currently offer 2 types of Kangoo classes.


Kangoo Power - focusing on a non stop

UN - choreographed  push of total body movements, set to some great music. 

Kangoo & Strength Training - A mix of kangoo power broken into rounds, while incorporating strength training exercises that will further advance your fitness gains in the upper, core and lower body.


45 minutes.

Whole Body

Inducing body weight workout designed to condition each muscle group.


Whole Body Cardio and Resistance class done using only body weight to utilize a full body work out.  

The workout is comprised of 3 compound movement rounds starting with upper body followed by core and finishing with lower body. Incorporating cardio moves between each round.  

Great for weight loss, muscle tone, and improved cardiovascular system. Many moves have  modifications to up or regress their intensity making it a great class for all fitness levels.

45-50 minutes.

Rower Pre - Training

  If you are unfamiliar with rowing, need a refresher, or have not rowed on Reviresco's rowers, the pre-training class is a mandatory and must be taken before joining a session. In this class you will learn, how your water rower works, including monitor functions, proper foot placement, proper rowing form and technique. You can complete an online pre train  (video) if you are renting or book and in person private session. This will give you a clear understanding of rowing, reduce the risk of injury, and make your selected program more enjoyable.

Online (video) - Need a rental or your own rower


45 minute in person or scheduled live video training 


Scheduled before session start dates or can be scheduled by appointment.

* Pre - training is mandatory if you are new to classes and have not rowed*

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