What is Crossfuel? And is it for me?

Crossfuel; a full line of sports nutrition supplements with all natural ingredients for those who care about the quality of their nutrition. Say goodbye to artificial additives and hello to clean performance nutrition.

This is a product I can truly get behind! I personally use this when training and on a day to day basis. - Candie


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Crossfuel just for people who train extremely hard in sports?

No Crossfuel is for anyone who trains/exercises.

Fitness enthusiasts, runners, weight lifters, moms, dads, yoga goers, water rowers;) etc. Anyone who wants pure ingredients with results. 

What does no protein spiking mean?


Protein Spiking, amino spiking, or nitrogen spiking, is the action of adding free form amino acids into protein powder to increase the overall dietary protein content of the powder without having to list this action on the label.

Basically some companies will say there is 20g of protein in each scoop of there protein powder, where in fact it has been spiked so you are not actually getting pure protein when they say you are.

Crossfuel is pure! and does NOT protein spike.

Does Crossfuel only have protein powders?

No Crossfuel has a wide range of great products, from pre and post workout powders, vegan options, keto options, hydration mix, as well as joint and multivitamin supplements.

Check out there site, for a list of all products.

What is the recommended age to take Crossfuel?


It recommends anyone 18 or older.

If you are unsure, or have specific dietary needs, it's always best to talk with your doctor before trying anything new.

Does it taste good?

Crossfuel products I can honestly say I actually enjoy, even when just mixed with water.

If you have experience with different training supplements you will know that no protein powder ever tastes off the charts good.

And if you are new to training supplements, you can believe me when I say that this is the best tasting  as far as they go.

 I can actually say I really like the taste of majority of there powders.


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Try their rapid recovery fruit punch, by far the best!*

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