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The benefit and atmosphere of attending a group fitness class all in your own home.

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LIVE training.

Complete total body fitness classes daily.

Reviresco Fitness has gone LIVE. Now you too can get  the benefits of our complete whole body programs all in the comfort  of your own home or where ever you may be.

You will have FULL access to our weekly fitness classes. Classes will be scheduled LIVE Monday-Saturday mornings and evenings. PLUS all of the live classes will be kept posted all week long. That way if you miss a live workout you can still complete that same workout at a time/day that fits your schedule OR try different classes throughout the week.

Some classes (but not all) will have rowing included in them, which you can rent a rower from us to get the best benefit out of your workout.

No rower? no problem we offer a large variety of non rowing and small equipment based whole body classes throughout the week, to ensure you can get our incredible training no matter what! There will be 6-8 weekly classes available at all times.

You will complete your class following along with a certified personal training specialist. Private training without the cost! 


The newest and upcoming 8 week session schedule will be posted below. 

Our fitness classes are done in 8 week sessions and packages are as follows:


All package pricing includes hst and  gives you UNLIMITED weekly class access 

1) Rower Rental and Unlimited Weekly Classes


(includes any extra small equipment)

2) Unlimited Weekly Classes Only



Small equipment add on  - $20/month

(includes ALL small equipment needed)


3) Rower Rental and Unlimited Weekly Classes



(includes  Rower & ALL small equipment needed)

(Certain classes running may include smaller equipment  Bosu ball, dumbbell etc. if you are local to Reviresco Fitness we can provide you with any rental equipment you may need)

(we will list below which if any classes need equipment - some/all may not require any)

All sessions EXCEPT  HIIT & WHOLEBODY  including rowing

Important Information

 - Minimum 2 month  / full  8 week Session registration required if renting a rower.

- If you are renting a rower we will need to know a minimum of 3 weeks in advance before your current months session is over if you will be continuing into the next session. (This provides us with enough time to secure the  re -rent of  the rower out to someone on our wait list if you are not continuing)

- Once payment has been made you will be added to the Live Training by Reviresco Fitness group.

- Once  payment and  registration has been received there are no refunds.

- 1 Month is = to 4 weeks from start date or payment date ( if joining later in the month)

- Payment and registration will need to be paid/renewed on a monthly or/ every 8 week basis to continue and have access to Live Training by Reviresco Fitness  group. Failure to do so will result in a halt in your training and removal from the group.

If you have any questions please contact us below.


468119 12th Concession B Feversham ON.

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