I don't see the fitness class I would like to take listed on the calendar or registration form?

If the the class is not listed on the calendar or registration form it is not available at this time, however you can schedule your own private training or small group training/class to fit your schedule.

Can I drop into any class?

All drop in classes available will be listed on the calendar as a "drop in", as well as on the drop in registration form. If the class is not listed as a drop in, full session sign up is required or you will need to contact us prior to the class to make sure there is a spot available


Reviresco fitness is a home based gym and requires sign ups on full sessions  this secures your spot in the class and also reserves your equipment, because class sizes are small -medium in size this also ensures the classes occurrence -- However we understand things can come up so if you cannot commit to the full session please contact us at info@revirescofitness.com so we can accommodate you.

Can I start a class @ Reviresco fitness or at my location?


YES! If you have a small group of 4+ you can schedule private small group training classes at Reviresco Fitness or at your own location. Daytime and afternoon sessions available.

What happens if I miss a class?

If you miss a class, it is a missed class. If you would like to join another class to make up for any classes missed they will be charged at the drop in rate of that class.

Do classes ever cancelled?

Rarely but  yes sometimes classes will be cancelled due to weather or uncontrollable circumstances. If a class is ever cancelled by Reviresco Fitness you will be able to make up that class free of charge.

What is your refund policy on fitness classes?

Once you have signed up for a session and attend your first class, there are no refunds. Again Reviresco provides small-medium class sizes and once you have signed up you have secured that spot in that class.

What if I want to switch classes?

If classes are not full you are more than welcome to switch to another class to complete a full session.

I want to take multiple classes a week, do you have a multiple class rate or monthly rate?

Yes, we do! If you are interested in attending 3 classes a week we offer a combined monthly rate (2 month minimum).

Please contact us at info@revirescofitness.com and let us know which and how many classes you would like to attend.


Do you have online sessions I can do from home?

Yes, we do! We offer ONLINE classes weekly and you can join them LIVE or catch them later at a time/day that fits your schedule