Drop In Classes

If a class or session is a "drop in" it will be listed on the calendar and any promotions.

A drop in means there is no commitment and you come and pay as you go.

You will need to "register" before you come to the drop in, so your trainer can prepare, and secure any equipment that might be used in that class, as some classes will have limited space.

You can register  a few days before if you know you can make it, the night before, or even the day of, by clicking "register" on the menu and then choosing the "drop in class" sign up form.

If the class is still listed on the form and calendar, it means it  is a GO! If a class is not running or has been cancelled, it will no longer be shown on the form and calendar and you will be notified via email.

We get it, life and weekends are BUSY, so come when it fits your schedule!. Drop ins are also a great way to try out a class before you commit to the full session if you are unsure!

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